Japanese New Year's Food

Food is good.

What is it?

  • The New Year's food is called Osechi-ryori.
  • It is a very colorful food that is packed into lacquer boxes called Jubako.
  • Depending on the region the types of osechi-ryori differ.
  • Some common dishes are, kobumaki, kuromame, kurikinton, tazukuri and many others.

Why is it special?

  • The foods are special because each dish means something.
  • Some meanings are: good health, long life, good harvest, happiness, prosperity and many others.

Where can you buy it?

  • I think you buy it in specialaty shops and mostly people's mothers make it.

What else happens on New Years?

  • People have parties.
  • They go to shrines and pray for good welth and long life.