Losing Our Land

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom


The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 was caused by the actions by those of the United States Government such as Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland and President William McKinley.

Historical Significance

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom would not have been possible without the decisions made by Minister John L. Stevens, Pres. Grover Cleveland and Pres. William McKinley. The Overthrow is an important event in history because it shows how a country came to take over another because of their selfish desires. Americans came into Hawaii wanting to change how the natives acted; They wanted the Hawaiians to be more like them, a civilized society. They wanted Hawaii to make a profit for themselves. They wanted Hawaii because it would give them military advantages. The Americans got what they wanted by using force and slowly changing the kingdom to conform to America’s ways. From this project, take away how America was acting to the Hawaiians. They oppressed the Hawaiian kingdom, so in the end they could have what they wanted. Hawaii was taken away illegally, America had no business in claiming the kingdom as a state of the Union.

Is Hawai'i legally and lawfully a state of the Union?

Hawai’i is not legally and lawfully a state of the Union. As reported by Senator Blount, the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was illegal and immoral. The overthrow was voted on by the United States’ House of Representatives and Senate. No treaty of annexation was created or signed by the Hawaiian Kingdom; So because there is no formal or legal agreement on annexing the Kingdom of Hawaii to the United States, Hawaii is not a legal state of the Union.

Supplemental Information

Kaulana Nā Pua ("Famous are the Flowers") was written by Eleanor Kekoaohiwaikalani Wright Prendergast in 1893 in order to peacefully protest the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani and the Hawaiian Kingdom (without letting the Americans know what they're actually saying). The song states that the rights of the Hawaiian's are being wrongfully taken away. The Hawaiian's don't care for any bribe that the American's may present them. They are perfectly content with the rocks and the food the land bears them. No one should sign the annexation document.
Kaulana Na Pua


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