Should The U.S Legalize Weed???

What People Think and the Consequences Are

So far 2 States have legalized Weed, But what are the next states in line to follow these steps and the consequences??

States We Are Looking At:

Massachusetts, Washington D.C, California, Alaska and Oregon are the states that are most likely to legalize Marijuana next according to the websites and

People's Opinions:

While most people don't think of the consequences and keep voting for weed to be legalized. Some people do, go ahead and think about the consequences. But still every year more and more people vote so that Cannabis is legalized for recreational use. Some even look at the news in Colorado and Oregon to see how is the legalization of Marijuana affecting that state. Most will think that its a good idea after all since its helping the economy. But they should look at the side effects of the drug too so they can actually see what they are dealing with in the first place.

What Are Some of The consequences of Legalizing Marijuana

With the legalization of marijuana and also with a new law that soon will make thousands of people being able to carry weapons, people will be more in danger due to the side effects of the drug. According to the website the side effects of Marijuana are mind altering because it contains the chemical THC. Other effects are altered perceptions and mood, impared coordination, difficukty with thinking and problem solving and disrupted learning and memory. Also the people who sell the weed are in danger because of the high demand of weed they could get killed, robbed or have to be menaced or harassed by people who want weed or don't.