A Wrinkle In Time

On a Dark and Stormy Night....

Symbolism- The Red Eyed Man

The red eyed man is one of the villains in the book. He is like IT's (IT is also a villain) right hand man. Also, the red eyed man gives Charles Wallace to IT.

What does The Red Eyed Man Represent: The red eyed man represents Meg's fear and the evil in the world.


A Wrinkle In Time is about three kids, Charles Wallace, Meg, and Calvin, who go on an exciting adventure. They have to fight evil, find there father, and save Charles Wallace from IT.

Character Analysis

Meg is very protective, loving, and some times can be jealous. For example Meg was a little bit jealous of how pretty her mom is because in the being of the book Meg thought that she was ugly and stupid. Also, she very protective of Charles and Calvin, and she loved them very much. Some times Meg would also be stubborn, and impatience.

The Setting

The main setting is Camazotz. Camazotz is where IT and the red-eyed man live. In Camazotz everything is in rhythm. For example at the same time all the kids come out and bounce a ball or jump rope all in rhythm. Then they all go back into there houses at the same time. Camazotz is surrounded by The Black Thing.
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