The African Continent

Different features of Africa


What is the Nile river? THe nile river is regarded as the worlds largest river. It is 4,258 miles long, or 6,853 kilometers long. The mouth of the Nile River is the mediterranean river, and the river goes through many countries and many bridges go over the long river. The nIle played an important part in ancient history. The ancient Egyptains used this river as a farming tool. They used the it for agriculture, washing and hydro-electric power. Come and visit today to see the beauty!
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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, one of the crown jewels of Africa. boasting a height of 355 feet vertical. Victoria falls is one of the biggest attractions in africa, and it's the largest waterfall in the world! It's so big that it has 6 gorges scattered all around the falls itself. The main river source is the Zambezi river. The river also has great vegetation and a cool wildlife. There are over 30+ species of fish located at the base of the waterfall, and 89 at the top. Many tourist like to hang on the edge of the fall called Devil's pool willingly risking their lives. And many like to swim and kayak at the bottom! Come and visit Victoria Falls today!
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The Sahara

The Sahara desert, you've seen it in movies. It looks scarce, dry, lifeless. And that's what it is. The sahara is the world's third biggest aside from the Artic and Antartica. It spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the red sea, which in perspective is about 4,800 miles. There aren't just desert and sand dunes. There are many oasis cities like Morrocco and lebanon.
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Madagascar. No no the movie. The island of the same name. Aside from popular opinion madagascar is one of the world's most diverse places. Madagascar has a very stable government and economy. Madagascar is home to many species of wildlife adn people from around the world. Most of Madagascar is used for farming, while the other part are for tourism or goverment!
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