Depressed Fish?

Today's fish are feeling sad and heartbroken, see why!

Aquaculturist's are treating today's fish poorly!

As some of you many know, not all of our lovely sea food comes from the wild. To raise our food by quality and quantity, there are so called "fish farms" located around the world, raising fish to the desirable traits that we look for to eat. These fish are kept in these cages from birth to death, and never have a taste of freedom. All they do is swim around in a circle day after day for their whole lives! What kind of a way to live is that?

We can fix this? HOW

We can start doing what we humans do best, complain!

These fish are being treated horribly in these cages! They are fed unnatural food and are kept too close together for comfort! I don't think anyone would want to be stuck in an empty room with other people they didn't know, at least I wouldn't! So start talking people! We can do what we do anyways. Complain! Write letters, protest, start screaming and yelling and I promise you, those aquaculturists will stop this cruelty and our fish will be happy campers - or swimmers - once again!