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February 6, 2020

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Friday, May 1, 2020

Scheduling / Planning Concerns

  • Day before May 2nd SAT Test, BUT there are two other options this school year for the test (see image & link below).
  • AP Exams begin the next week, BUT one last day of fun to shake all of the stress off will be good--then study away on Saturday and Sunday! Call it a "Mental Health Day".
  • Athletics: Check with Your Coaches
  • Academics: Keep those grades up and communicate with your teachers, so that missing a day won't do damage.
  • Any other concerns? Speak to Ms. Q!


Park Hopper Ticket + Soundtrack Workshop: $175

Transportation: $1,000 per bus (approx 40 students + instruments)

Payment Options

  • One Payment of $175 due no later than April 1st
  • Two Payments of $87.50 due no later than April 1st
  • Work Out an Alternative Payment Plan with Ms. Q. (different dates, fundraising, scholarship opportunities, etc.)

*** Please write checks to: Sage Creek High School ASB, with "Music" in the memo section.

Feeling Generous?

Donate Extra Funds to help cover the cost of transportation and to sponsor students in need of assistance (option available in form below).


Tentative (Subject to Change)

6:00 AM - Call Time at SCHS (Meet in Room 5003)
6:30 AM - Load Buses

6:40 AM - Depart SCHS and head to Anaheim

8:30 AM - Arrive at Disneyland

9:00 AM - Check in for Workshop Backstage

10:00 AM - Finish Workshop & head back into park

12:00 PM - Mobile Check-in via REMIND 101

4:00 PM - Physical Check-in, MEET at Esplanade (Compass Rose between both parks)

7:00 PM - Mobile Check-in via REMIND 101

9:00 PM - Mobile Check-in via REMIND 101

10:30 PM - Meet Back at Buses (Mickey & Friends Lot or Toy Story Lot TBD)

10:45 PM - Depart Disneyland and Head HOME!!!

12:00 AM - Arrive at SCHS

Please Complete Intent Form by 02/28/20