Wanted poster on hitler


Hitler was the leader of Germany and the Nazi party. He tried to get as many people with the nazis as possible. He spoke piblicly against the treaty of Versailles, vivial politians, and jews. The great depression opened an opportunity for hitler to swoop in and take control. In may of 1940 hitler started to attack netherlands and belgium. By doing this he made his way to france. This was his plan so he could keep the focus on other countries so france wouldn't see it coming.

the plan

Hitler began to dictate, he killed millions of jews and the nazis killed millions of others. Hitler would do anything to advance in the war he would tear through every country to win and to kill. Hitler turned to the soviet union and said no retreat, the germans lost 500,000 lives that day. but hitler didn't stop.Before Hitler even got elected as chancellor, he planned his evil scheme. He wanted to take over the world and create his own race. He started with the Jews, the homosexuals, and the disabled citizens of Germany. He set up concentration camps all around Germany and Poland. These camps were death factories. 4,300 Jews died each day in these camps. If they weren't dead, they were the living dead. Each Jew was tortured, worked to death, and starved. The Nazis would burn their remains to make sure no one had any evidence of these crimes. He took over the surrounding countries of Germany and was planning to take the world. When other countries got involved, this was the start to World War II. n March 1935 Hitler decided to take a gamble and test the resolve of Britain and France by authorising Goering to reveal to a British official the existence of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). Even though this was a direct challenge to the Versailles Treaty, there was little reaction (its existence was already known anyway). Thus Hitler was given encouragement to take further steps. A few days later, Hitler took a further gamble and declared openly the introduction of military service and the creation of an army with 36 divisions (approx. 1/2 million men). Again, a weak reaction from Britain and France allowed Hitler the comfort of knowing that his gamble had paid off.