Glenealy School Newsletter

19th June 2019

Message from Brenda

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

As we approach the end of the academic year I’d like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of our staff, students and families. Together we’ve worked in partnership to achieve great things. Sadly at this time of the year we also farewell some staff as they move on to new adventures.

Teachers leaving Glenealy this year

Margaret Scholten 1S and Abi Ede 2E

Margaret joined Glenealy 2 years ago and loved the school from the beginning. Seeing her work with the youngest students in the school has been a pleasure. She has a nurturing and caring approach whilst also having high expectations for all students in her care. Margaret is a keen and passionate contributor to the school, being a co-teacher of the Junior Choir and also sharing her experiences with students across the school showing she is keen to take action to support endangered animals and to volunteer regularly in this field. Margaret helped lead key sections of the CIS evaluation and did a superb job of this, showing her leadership skills in this area. Sadly for us, Margaret is moving back to the Netherlands and we wish her all the very best in her transition back home. Thank you for everything!

A note from Margaret:

"It will feel very strange not to walk up to Glenealy every school day anymore. I have felt completely at home at our small but very special school since the day I started. I would like to thank the children, parents and my wonderful colleagues for making Glenealy such a pleasant and inspiring place to work at. It will be hard for any new school to live up to my expectations now!”

Abi has worked with us for close to 4 years and during this time has been a kind, caring, committed and dedicated staff member. Abi is a positive contributor to the school. She set up and ran the Junior Choir with a colleague which the younger students absolutely loved. Abi also involves herself in other school wide activities including sharing environmental and sustainability practices which she is passionate about. Abi has excellent relationships with students and parents and has always gone the extra mile to make sure the children get exactly what they need. Abi has enjoyed her time with her young child this year and will leave full time work to spend more time with her daughter. Abi, it’s been a pleasure having you working with us. Keep in touch and thanks for all your contributions.

A note from Abi:

“I am very sad to be leaving such a uniquely warm and friendly school community. Glenealy has allowed me to become a better teacher in a happy and nurturing environment. I will always be grateful to the children, parents and staff for their support, friendship and generosity.”

Educational Assistants leaving Glenealy this year

Alex Tunisi (2S) Georgie James (4L), Joann Cheung (Mandarin), Juntao Tao (Mandarin) and Stephanie Mathyssek (1L & Library).

Alex has had a short stint at Glenealy, working alongside 2S whilst looking for opportunities in the business field. The children really enjoyed having Alex in their classroom and whilst it was only for 6 months, he really did make a difference and loved his time at Glenealy School. We wish him well in his business career and would welcome him back eagerly if he decides teaching might be his next step! All the best Alex!

Georgie has worked alongside 4L this year and has been a real asset, working in partnership with the entire Year 4 team. Georgie has a ‘can do attitude’ and is a fast learner and can lend her hand to anything. We look forward to having Georgie back working with us in a part time supply capacity later in the year. All the best Georgie and thanks from all the staff and students.

Joann and Juntao have been key members of our Mandarin team. They have both worked in partnership with our Mandarin team to help and support students and teachers to personalise the learning within lessons.

Joann is looking forward to taking a break from full time work and we hope she may still do some supply work with us. Thanks Joann for your contributions.

Joann commented “I will always remember how well the students learnt the Chinese songs and how beautifully they were singing with the Transition band last week. Those precious moments were the greatest time of my life. Thank you Glenealy school for all the strong support! I will miss you all!”

Juntao has now successfully completed her teaching qualification and is leaving Glenealy to seek work as a full time teacher. Congrats Juntao - we are so proud of you and wish you all the best in your teaching career.

A note from Juntao:

“I used to think from the outside “what a nice school”. Now I can’t believe I’ve been a Glenealy “insider” and will take with me all the wonderful memories. Thank you children! You are my inspiration. I’m grateful to all the teachers, staff and SMT for their guidance, support and kindness! Once a Glenealian, always Glenealian”.

Stephanie has contributed to the school in so many ways during her service as a parent helper and an Educational Assistant over the last 5 years. Motivated to always provide the very best for the students in her care, she is an outstanding team member in Year 1 working alongside 1L. Stephanie is never scared of hard work or trying new things - she has volunteered to lead a number of projects in the school. Most noteworthy the setting up and implementation of the Imaginarium and the Blue Blocks in the playground, as well as leading up the Yearbook Team this year. Stephanie is an avid fan of books and literature and works in the library for a significant amount of time each week. Stephanie has high motivation and has given so much to the school over her tenure with us. Thank you, it’s hard to imagine the school without you!

A note from Steph:

“Goodbye Glenealy! What a special community to have been a part of, first as a parent and then as a member of staff. I have been inspired every single day by the wonderful teachers and students here and I take with me many fond memories.Thank you all for your friendship, support and kindness”.

Student Placements

All students have now been allocated to classes and they will have an opportunity to meet their new teacher and classmates on Tuesday 25th June, from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. At this time they will also receive an introductory letter from their new teacher which they will bring home to you. Please look out for this in your child’s Diary. Unfortunately, Himali and Kirstin will not be present on this day. However, we will share their introductory letter with the students and they will still get to meet their new classmates on this day.

Leavers' Assemblies

As we have a number of families moving out of Hong Kong over the summer, we will be saying farewell to students over the last two assemblies. If your child is a leaver, you will have received an email from Rekha, our Admissions Secretary, informing you of the assembly date and time related to your family, as you are welcome to attend. It is usual practise that those children leaving Hong Kong will share with the assembly about their next adventure. Staff will also be farewelled during assemblies. We will bid farewell to all Year 6 students at the Graduation Ceremony, however those Year 6 students leaving Hong Kong will also be farewelled at the Leavers' Assembly.

The final two assemblies will take place on:

Friday 21st June from 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm

Friday 28th June from 11:15 am (Dress casual and early close at 12:00 noon this day).

Depending on the weather, we may be able to hold these downstairs so more people can join us. We will update you closer to the time.

Update on the Playground

Progress is steady on both upstairs playgrounds despite the bad spell of weather over the last month. Financials are all in place and with a wonderfully generous donation from the PTA and school based funding we have the $ 2.2 million saved ready to spend on this project. ESFC has contributed a large sum of money over and above this figure to waterproof all floor areas and to erect appropriate fencing across both playground sites. This work will continue over the summer. Approvals and permits for restructuring work like this can take time and we anticipate that they may slow things up a bit for us over the next few months Ideally the playground will be completed by Easter 2020, but at this point, we are unable to say exactly when. In the meantime the arrangement of having all students using the downstairs playground at different times is working well.

The blue/perspex balcony railings on all floors will all be replaced over the summer, ensuring our campus railings are of a consistent height and of uniform design. This will make the appearance more attractive and will ensure the school continues to be safe for our students.

Projects continuing next year include the upstairs playgrounds and the redevelopment of the lower site staff quarters into a purpose designed PTA meeting space with an outdoor area for informal gathering for parents. This project is long overdue as the school recognises wholeheartedly the incredible contribution of the PTA to school life, community spirit and their partnership in major building projects. Watch this space!

Feedback from Glenealy School’s Recent External Evaluations

Glenealy School recently had a joint visit from International Baccalaureate (IB) and Council of International Schools (CIS). The feedback was extremely positive showing the great progress and achievement that the school has made. As a quick numerical indication of growth, Glenealy received 79 commendations in this latest IB Evaluation (compared to 4 commendations in 2013).

The comments in the reports reflect the huge amount of commitment, hard work and desire for continuous improvement shared by all staff, students and the wider Glenealy School Community.

To see a snapshot of just a few of the many stand out comments from both reports please click here

To see what learning at Glenealy School looks like please watch our ‘We are Glenealy’ video here

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Kind regards


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Dates for your Diary

Thursday 20th June

Year 5 Evening Showcase "The Influencer" 6:00 pm

Friday 21st June

Brenda's Farewell PTA Morning Tea 8:30 am in The Centre

Friday 28th June

End of Term 3 - school closes at 12:00 noon

PTA News

A Farewell to Brenda - This Friday

We know that many parents would like the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to Brenda. The PTA will be hosting a morning tea on Friday 21st June at 8:30 am, after drop off. Please join us in The Centre for tea, coffee and light snacks.

Making PTA events Greener

Glenealy PTA is committed to making our events more environmentally sustainable. We are concerned by the amount of waste that is created at events that ends up in landfill. We are working with a new supplier called Vegware who create compostable disposable items. Many of their items look like plastic but are in fact made from plant products and are fully compostable. We will be trialing a few Vegware products at Brenda’s Farewell. Read here for more information about Vegware.

Year 4 Fundraiser

A huge thank you to all of the Year 4 parent volunteers for the time and effort that went into creating such a successful Year 4 Bake Sale last Friday. They fully embraced the sustainable theme and we hope their creativity will inspire others to run fundraisers in a way that is kinder to our environment.

There was an amazing atmosphere and everyone had a great time.

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School Yearbook

Dear Parents

Please find (below) our order form for you to pre-order a copy of the 2019 Glenealy Yearbook. If you do not have access to a printer, you may collect a hard copy from the school office.

Please send cheques to your child's class teacher by Thursday 20th June, the Yearbook will be sent home by 25th June.

Thank you.

Pamela Stanley

Senior Administrator

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Green Week/ Earth Action

Congratulations to Noa (6S) who won the competition to rename this year's Green Week! The new name for our Green Week 2019 was "Earth Action".

We decided to rename Green Week because, as the children said, 'every week should be green week'. This aims to inspire our community to take action and raise awareness for the environment and sustainability.

Last week was a busy week full of opportunities for our students to think, be and act sustainable. Thank you to all of the students who took part in our initiatives, ranging from the Clothes/Book swap, the "Catch Me Being Green" competition, our Tetrapak collection and GGGT (Glenealy's Got Green Talent).

Big thank you to the teachers who also supported Earth Action by leading in-class assemblies and initiatives, reading Green books in the library and hosting Green movies. Special thank you to the Shark Foundation Hong Kong for coming to speak to our school and to the Year 4 parents and caregivers for getting in the spirit of "Earth Action" and organising a very successful 'Green Summer Bake Sale'.

Remember every week is Green Week.

How can you continue to take Earth Action over the summer holidays? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a photo of yourself for "Catch Me Being Green" to use for next year's competition! Please watch our school's 'Catch Me Being Green' video
  • Say no to single use-plastic! Please watch our school's 'Say no to Plastic Bag' video, that shows you how to say no to plastic bags in the many languages found in our school.
  • Help clean up a beach, a mountain trail or other area in Hong Kong or on your holiday
  • Continue to recycle at home
  • Have a clothes, book or toy sort at home and donate to charity to be reused
  • Look to save energy by turning off appliances you are not using
  • If you have any other great ideas the Green Team would love to hear from you!

How could you continue to take Earth Action?

Green thanks from

Green Team

Glenealy School Debate Team

HUGE congratulations to Glenealy’s first ever debating team, who made it all the way to the Grand Final at the EDB Centre on Monday - having won the semi-finals in May where 6 teams competed! The motion was “Kindergarten is more important than University”, and Glenealy took the negative side. Singapore International School were the overall winners, however our speakers - Zubia, Aurora and Graham - were praised for their timing, teamwork and clear speech. The team is pictured with the HKPTU Debate organiser and the 3 adjudicators. They were awarded medals, a certificate and a trophy for being the first runner-up. Well done, debaters! You did us proud!!!

Big picture
L-R: Graham Chow, Zubia Ahmed, Aurora Ly, Christopher Li, Julian Lim, Oliver Guthrie, Natasha Lam and Chloe Wilson.

Transfer information for students

At this time of year, some families may be moving to other countries and schools. If any documentation or assessments are required for your child's new school, please contact Rekha, the school's Admissions Secretary, directly to arrange this at

Important Reminder

Has your child's visa status changed?

As a reminder, all children attending an ESF school need the appropriate and valid visa status to do so. Please inform the school if your child's visa status changes. For more information, you may refer to the Immigration section on the ESF website.

Useful School Forms

Student Withdrawal Form - required one month before the last date of attendance

Medical Authorisation Form - required should your child need to take medication whilst at school, on a school trip or camp

ESF/Glenealy Calendar for 2018/19

Please refer closely to this calendar for any important events, (e.g . booking your holidays) for this academic year.

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ESF Calendar for 2019-20

Please find the final version of the next academic year's calendar here.
Glenealy Globe

Shiv Mohan wins a writing competition! Read more in The Hall of Fame.

Extra Curricular Activities Term 2 2018-19

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