See You at Harry's

Author: Jo Knowles By: Megan Selman 3rd block MR. Ayer


There was a little gril named Fern. She felt invisible from the rest of her sibblings. The story took place a little bit of everywhere. Places like Ferns school, and her dads restruant "Harrys" and mostly took place at Ferns house. She fills left out she feels like she is invisible. Fern thinks that no one cares about her. One day she felt bad she was sick with 103 degrees tempture and throwing up left and right. She was pretty sure she was going to die. A couple days after she was back to normal she felt 100% better.

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The conflict is that Fern feels left out it makes her feel like she is invisible and that all they care about is her sibblings. Fern is trying to make a change shes wants to make everything better she wants to fix this problem.

Rising Action

Well everything happend at school she was getting picked up from the bus. Her brother Holden was looking for a seat on the bus. He found a seat in front of two people. Fern sits a little farther up in the front. When she turns aroud Holden is being picked on. After school the bus drops them off at home when they hopped out of the bus. They went straight to Harrys the company that there parents own. When they got there Ferns father is there telling all of them to put on this T-Shirt with a dinnisour on it. Fren was not real sure what was happening. All the sudden the comercial guy was there they wern't real sure what was going to happen.......
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The commercial guy was there he was taking a video of them to advertise Harry's.

The next day Fern gets home from school and no one's home she drops her bookbag and pours some water. So she heads to backyard and sits on the steps. Then after a while she goes back inside and Sara, Charlie and doll are in the floor playing connect four.

Her moms in the kitchen making dinner. Weeks later she wake's up at 5:14 coverd in sweat. A couple days after her mom comes in her dads arm is around her waist her dad waves them off and walks her through the living room up stairs. She new there was something bad going on. He comes back down and says Charlie they think a blood clot went through his brain.

Falling Action

They are worried about Charlie after they found the results they were scared he wasnt getting better. Ferns father heads up stairs to drop off something for her mother it was there parents aniversiry. They made it for them for there aniversiry. When Ferns dad comes back down his eyes are red his cheeks are shiny with tears. He sits on the couch between Holden and Sara he pulls them close and they start to cry to. Then that next morning dads in the kicthen making breakfest. They check on mom and they dont know whats wrong they want to carwl in her lap and snuggle with her. Charile is doing horrible they say.


They find out that Charlie has died. Dad comes in and said we need to start planing his funeral and Charlies ashes. They are so upset they all cried momma is still upstairs locked in room not wanting to come out. They can't get it out of there mind they keep saying he's not coming back. One day Fern's dad take's them to the ocean trying to get it out of there mind. Fern want stop saying I wish he would just come running through in front of there eyes.

Character Traits

Fern is real neggitive she thinks that no one really cares about her or thinks she there but not there sometimes. At the end she feels more important that she is there and that she's included. Fern is a sweet, nice, carring girl she is always nice. I hope you you read this book its a good book if you want a sad or happy book this book is the right one.