Have your exchange in Argentina, change your life & more!


  • Because we provide experiences of human and professional quality
  • Because we work to generate a postitive impact in society which is the reason we choose arganizations that are in need of your help.
  • Because beside your professional development, we want you to enjoy the beauties of our city.
  • Because our membership is engaged with each exchange, and that is proved by the constant accompaniment in every experience.
  • Because we are a comittee that wants to keep on growing and we are always open to listen to advice and critics.

Which are our projects this year?

This year we have two big projects: The andes Way (TAW) and CoopARTE. Both are 6 weeks long and try to cover necessities that the organizations we work with have. These are the principal charachteristics of each project:

The Andes Way Is based on marketing and fundrising tasks, giving support to organizations that are in need of technical and administrative knowledge. The exchanger will have to create and carry out an efective action plan, he or she will need some knowledge in editing and social networks management, as well as habilities on making promotion events or projects. The organizations working at this project are: “Pajaritos de la calle” and the “Taller protegido”

CoopARTE Is based on the work with children and teenagers, where global values are motivated through different workshops related with art and creativity. The goal is the kids getting to know and learn about different cultures through outdoor, playful and artistic activities. You will have to plan and execute weekly workshops some of the learning methods named above, working in teams, with enthusiasm, joy and getting along effectively with kids that are going through different social difficulties. The organizations working in this project are: “Comedor de Cacha”, “Pajaritos de la Calle” and “Granja Los Pibes”

Every organization we work with, cover at least one of the three essential requirements: HOST / FOOD / TRANSPORT

What kind of profile are we looking for in Tandil?

Innovation, responsability, seriousness and professionalism must be characteristics that describe people we are looking for. We are looking for people with big personal ambitions, and a strong social commitment. We want them to understand, why is it so important what we are doing, and that is the reason why we expect equal commitment from each person participating on our projects. Take a chance!

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Proyecto The Andes Way
  • Pajaritos de la calle (offers: HOST/FOOD/TRANSPORT)



  • Taller protegido (offers: HOST)



Proyecto CoopARTE

  • Granja Los Pibes (offers: HOST/FOOD/TRANSPORT)


  • Pajaritos de la Calle (offers: HOST/FOOD/TRANSPORT)



The story after the experience

In this link you can read the stories from the people that lived their experiences in Tandil.

Tandil " Dreamed Place"

Tandil is located in the southeast of Buenos Aires province , in central- eastern Argentina . While the beauty of its mountains , the tranquility and security of the place is one of the biggest tourist attractions , the city is also one of the main university cities in the province, which adds a large number of opportunities related to the university, as workshops, courses and festivals.

With about 120,000 inhabitants , the city has the perfect mix of dynamism and the warmth of the people . Tandil's wide culture and art are worth getting to know.

Its location is also a privilege , just 4 hours from the capital of Argentina , Buenos Aires , and just 60 min from one of the most tourist coast cities, with a woderful beach, Mar del Plata.

Tandil becomes an excellent alternative to meet and enjoy new landscapes , colors and people , and that is why it has earned the name of a "Dreamed Place "

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