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Why You Did it

People think Romeo and Juliet’s families rivalry was the cause of their death However other people believe it was Friar Laurence. They believe this because He marries Romeo and Juliet behind their two households back as Shakespeare states “ I married them; and their stol’n marriage-day”(Act: V Scene:III ). People believe it because Friar Laurence married them behind their families will they could start a war or even have to leave each other which would kill them on the inside.

Friar Laurence making the sleeping potion that makes her fake her death. The Story also says “ Then gave I her, so tutor’d by my art, A sleeping potion…” (Act: V Scene: III Shakespeare ). This proves that because of Friar Laurence the cause of Romeo death was that he thought his love Juliet was dead and he thought life was not worth it without her so he takes his life. For when Juliet awoken from her sleep and saw Romeo dead she thought the same and took her life for she would see her love in heaven.

Spider man 2

The actor of green goblin- William Defoe spider man actor - Toby maguire.

This movie relates to my reason about friar Laurence killing Romeo and Juliet because in the movie while they are fighting spider man trys to save the green goblins life and instead of him taking the help he try to kill spider man and gets his himself stabbed in the stomach by his hover-board.

Boy 21

This book represents my reasoning for how romeo and Juliet died because in the book there is a chapter that this little girl get shot in her leg. There was a guy that was walking with them and he pushed them out the way but by him doing that the little girl was shot in her leg and the guy felt really bad and took the blame for the little girl getting shot in the leg.
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