The Mako Shark

Colton Green

The scientific name for a Mako shark is Isurus oxyrinchus. The common name is Mako. The mako shark is found all over the world. They are very diverse and so you will find some that live in warm waters while others live in colder temperatures. Some live close to the shores in shallow water while others prefer the depths of the ocean. The vast majority of mako sharks are found in the waters surrounding Tahiti.

People are encouraged to watch out for the mako sharp. While they don’t eat people or large animals they have been known to aggressively attack. They don’t like people in their environment as they view them as a threat. Many people don’t think the mako is anything to worry about due to their small size but that isn’t true.

You may see a mako shark leaping out of the water from time to time. There isn’t any known reason why they do this. It may be to search for food that is above the surface. Some people assume they do so for air but that isn’t necessary for this species of shark or any other.

They are also the fastest of all species of sharks in the world. They can swim at a top speed of 60 miles per hour when they are migrating or hunting for food. The generally swim at a speed of about 35 miles an hour on a regular basis.

They are not endangered.he Mako shark isn’t picky about what it eats by any means. It prefers to consume fish that are found in schools. Primary tuna, herring, and swordfish. Since it is willing to eat whatever it can find though there is no question about it being able to survive in any type of environment.The mako shark has a very pretty dark blue color on top. It is white underneath which allows it to blend in and stay hidden when it is hunting for food. It has a unique nose that has a point to it like a cone. They are very big sharks in reference to their weight which can be up to 1,000 pounds. They are between 6 and 9 feet long but some species do get to be about 12 feet in length.

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