By: Emma Boyce

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Live In New Orleans, Louisiana!!

Yes, New Orleans has lots of floods, so why live here? Because it's beautiful here! It is no different than living in an area that hurricanes happen, because hurricanes are how floods form. So if you live in an area that has hurricanes, why not move here where it is beautiful? Plus, out of earthquakes,floods and volcanoes, floods are the safest.

How Floods Are Not as Bad as Earthquakes or Volcanoes

1. There are lots more ways to prevent a flood's damage: put together a first aid kit, build levees and/or dikes, just be prepared.

2. Volcanoes erupt, which can kill you....... you can just tell that floods are way more safe and yes, roads will be cleared, but clearing them is dangerous..you can get killed in the process

3. Earthquakes can cause millions of $ by destroying houses and buildings.

Floods can happen anytime, anyhow , anywhen... you just have to be prepared for it.

Guranteed To Your Safety. Time To Be Safe.

How to Prepare

You HAVE to be prepared or else what are the chances you'll live? 0
You can create a first aid kit that includes batteries,a battery operated radio, jugs of water, a flash light and if you want, blankets. Levees and dikes are a good source of protection for you, your family and your people.
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