types of films

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The romance genre films can be defined as those whose plot revolves around a love affair between the protagonists . One of gender prerequisites is that the film has a "happy end " ; however, some movies with sad ending may also be considered romantic genre movies! An example of this kind of movie is love rosie , which tells the story of two best friends who fall in love
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It's a genre that tells a sad story . They are often based on real facts. Life lesson , you learn all the time , just want to see. A film of this type is the fault in our stars!
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An action movie is a genre that usually involves a history of protagonists of good versus evil antagonist that will resolve their disputes with the use of force física.um açao film sample and veloses and furious.
The Fast and the Furious is an American film of 2001, the action genre, directed by Rob Cohen. It was inspired by a magazine article about street racing in New York.

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The adventure film is a film genre that reflects a heroic world of battles and adventures.
It was invented in Italy as a means of exalting its historical past and was later used by Russia, to exalt the Russian Revolution
Harry Potter is a literary series of fantastic adventures consists of seven books and won great popularity and commercial success worldwide

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Comedy is the use of humor in the performing arts. It may also be present in a show, history, or even in a film, which intensively uses to humor. Overall, "comedy" is what's funny, what makes rir.um example of this movie and hungover a produced film and directed by Todd Phillips

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the thrillers are those that the narrative ( fiction or nonfiction ) that are mostly tense situations , causing fear or eventually scares, the player or espectador.Um example of a thriller is now you see me !
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Science fiction is a form of fiction developed in the nineteenth century, which mainly deals with the impact of science, both real and imagined, on society or individuals. The term is used, more generally, to set any literary fantasy that includes the science factor as an essential component of a type that film and Journey to the Center of the Earth (br / pt: Journey to Earth's Core) is an American film , the year 1959, the genres science fiction and adventure, directed by Henry Levin. The film is based on the book by Jules Verne.

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Animation refers to the process by which each frame of a film is produced individually, can be generated either by computer graphics as photographing an image drawn or repeatedly making small changes to a modelo.um example of such a film is
The Simpsons is a series of adult animation and American sitcom
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