Turkey Vulture

the environment of the turkey vulture

There native to the united states.

The turkey vulture also known in some North American regions as the turkey buzzard is a vulture that is the most widespread of the New World vultures.

Where are they sleeping?

Turkey Vultures nest in rock crevices, caves, ledges, thickets, mammal burrows and hollow logs, fallen trees, abandoned hawk or heron nests, and abandoned buildings.

There also mainly found in the south eastern united states.

What is there behavior towards us and other animals?

  • On the ground they move with ungainly hops and are less agile than Black Vultures.
  • At carcasses, several Turkey Vultures may gather but typically only one feeds at a time, chasing the others off and making them wait their turn.
  • Despite their size, Turkey Vultures are often driven off by smaller Black Vultures, Crested Caracaras, Zone-tailed Hawks, and other species.

Why Turkey Vultures are important to humans.

  • They clean up dead animals and make it so diseases are not spread.
  • They have terrific digestive systems
  • the bones and fur that are thrown up are disease free.
  • Which helps out the environment from having diseased carcasses laying everywhere.
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