Food for Thought

Volume 12

Pushing forward.

Somehow I have found a way to include a reference to Taylor Swift in this week's Food for Thought. I am not sure if this is an accomplishment or an embarrassment.
Once again, I hope you find a thought-provoking idea or highly usable skill or activity to bring to your students, all of whom deserve our absolute best.
A bright point for me last week was listening to our Student Council advocate for a policy change with the administrative team. We have amazing students!

All Subjects: Engaging in High Level Questioning

Social Studies: Google resources

Physical Education: Empowering students with disabilities

E/LA: Persuasion--Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Science: The Physics of...

Art: Drawing with Tea and Ink (tabs on the side extend the video)

Math: Implementing the Common Core

School Culture: Addressing the "Deficit Theory"

Music: I Knew You were Treble...I'm so sorry for this!

I Knew You Were Treble by Jeanette Young

Administration: Avoid these...