Accessible Mathematics

Instructional Shift 1: Ongoing Cumulative Review

Key Components to an Effective Mathematics Classroom

Purposeful Planning

"A deliberate and carefully planned reliance on ongoing, cumulative review of key skills and concepts"

Cumulative Review Skills

"Using cumulative review o keep skills and understandings fresh, reinforce previously taught material, and give students a chance to clarify their understandings"

Use Instructional Time Wisely

"Classes that waste no time and begin with substantive mathematics at the very start of every class"


"The use of a brief review and whole-class checking of "mini-math" questions as an opportunity to re-teach when necessary"

Taken from chapter 2: Ready, Set, Review (pages 6-14)

Leinwand, S. Accessible Mathematics: 10 Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement. Portsmouth: Heinemann, 2009.