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Intro to smart cars

If you don't know what a smart car is, then you're in luck because I'm here now to tell you about the good smart cars can do to this society. A smart car is anything that can help you in driving and who knows, you might be sitting in a smart car right now and you might not even realize it? A car that is simple can be a smart car or have smart car tech added to the vehicle.

Smart cars Help us stay away from car accidents

Car manufactures are making our vehicles so much more safer now with some smart car tech. Some evidence from the article says "General motors offers a night vision system as an option on its Deville Cadillac's that uses infrared technology to detect people or animals in the darkness or past the glare of an oncoming cars headlights". This great for some people who have trouble seeing in the dark and they have to drive at night or maybe somebody might not feel comfortable driving at night but with this tech maybe they will and encourage other people to drive that don't already. More evidence from an article is ”Honda has said it is developing an intelligent driver support which will see the road through a tiny camera on the windshield and help steer the car down the middle of its lane. A computer picks out lines on the highway surface and nudges the car's steering wheel in the right direction”. This will help so many people that drive late at night and sometimes they are drowsy and shut there eyes for a second and there in a different lane or end up in an accident. This will help prevent it. These are the many ways that we can improve our vehicles to help prevent accidents.

Make The place You Live Better

We all live on earth at least I hope so because if you do there is a serious note that needs to be addressed. In an article it says ”As air pollution becomes the world's largest single environmental health risk the need has never been more pressing for smart technologies to take a stand against air pollution”. We are underestimating this air pollution situation because we don't realize how important it is especially for our generation and the next one to come but maybe smart cars are our savior. Another piece of evidence I got is ”The world health organization reports that in 2012 around seven million people died as a result of air pollution exposure”. We are having serious problems with this air pollution situation and protect our selves from this dangerous threat. I have one more piece of evidence that I want to put into this paragraph ”Until technology develops to reduce our reliance on fossils fuels we need to consider smart solutions to destroy pollution at source and in the wider environment”. I put this in there because I thought this is something that we need to follow because the more we beat the pollution the better our planet will be and there would be a huge decrease in asthma and any other breathing problems.

Smart Car Conclusion

I hope you learned something from this and maybe you could help prevent accidents that happen or make the place you live a better place for you, your family, friends, and pets if you have any. Be the best you could be to make this world better and make smart cars possible for everybody.

Thank You And I Hope You Enjoyed

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