DEC. 18th 2020

Message From Mr Dignan

Happy Holidays Eagles!

We made it through the 1st semester. Congratulations! I will be happy to see 2020 in the rearview mirror.

RVHS is gearing up for 2nd Semester. We are NOT following the same schedule as the traditional high schools. Students will receive an email and text on Monday, January 4, with directions for the first week of the 2nd semester. We will send Zoom links for each day as well as posting them on the RVHS website.

I have instructed our teachers and staff to shut down for the next two weeks. They have worked incredibly hard and are in desperate need of a mental break. Please understand if they do not reply to emails until we return in January.

Please stay safe, wear a mask and enjoys the holidays.

We got this!



January 5-8

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Twila Garcia

Twila has been so dedicated to her classes this week! She has completed all of her APEX classes. Congrats for a job well done! Great way to complete the semester strong!

Employee Of The Week

Mrs. Lisa Shanahan

Mrs. Lisa Shanahan started teaching 21 years ago in elementary and then later transitioned to high school. She has taught a multitude of subjects at RVHS going on 10 years now. From Health Science, PE Fitness Walking, Senior Seminar, and Apex. She is an extremely talented educator who has always been willing to do whatever is needed in order to best serve her students. Lisa is the kind of teacher who answers emails at midnight or unlocks online assignments for students on her weekend nights. To say the least, she is unequivocally dedicated to the students and their futures.

Mrs. Shanahan relates so well to the students at RVHS, because she has personally been through some of life’s toughest circumstances and uses her success and growth from those moments to encourage and motivate students who also have had major struggles. Additionally, she has two sons, one in college and the other in high school, so relating to high school students comes naturally to a mom in a house full of testosterone. Lisa loves spending time with her husband together watching the boys play baseball. Lisa is a dedicated wife, mother, and just a wonderful person to be around. She is an amazing educator, who reaches out to her students and meets them where they’re at.

Recently, she spent a whole afternoon making surprise visits to her students to drop off some holiday goodies and cheer to a student group that has had quite a rough semester. She has a big heart and gives everything she’s got for her family, friends and students. Thank you for all you do and mean to RVHS. Lisa Shanahan you are our Employee of the Week. Why don’t you take a couple weeks off, you earned it !!!


Ayreon Briscoe 12/23

Isabella Smith 12/25

Jonathan Diaz 12/26

Elisa Memory 12/26

Dylan Binkerd 01/01

Mr. Tim Mann 01/05

Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann