Comparing Japan And Yemen

Current Population In Japan And Yemen

Yemen's current population is: 26,737,317

Yemen's population in 2050 is estimate to be: 46,080,625

Japan's current population is: 126,919,659

Japan's population in 2050 is estimated to be: 108,329,351

Yemen's life expectancy: 65 years

Japan's life expectancy: 84 years

How Each Country's Population Changed Over Time

Japan's population has grown over the past hundred years, but has been declining in recent years due to low birth amount.

Yemen's population has been constantly increasing over the past hundred years.

Where People Live

In Japan, 93.5% of the population live in urban areas.

In Yemen, 34.6% of the population live in urban areas.

Food Supply

Japan's food supply is well secured, while Yemen's has many challenges right now.

Food supply can affect population hugely. If there isn't enough food, the population will drop.

Environmental Concerns

Japan has a lot of air pollution, contributes to the depletion of fish and tropical timber, and Fukushima had a nuclear disaster in 2011, which is making Japan strive to be nuclear free. The nuclear disaster as made many people in Japan worried about the safety of the fish.

Yemen has limited supply of fresh water, overgrazing, and soil erosion. Overgrazing can lead to less animals able to survive, which leads to a decreased population from lack of food. Soil erosion can also cause a food shortage due to being unable to grow food.

Health Care

Health care for Japan shouldn't be an issue considering the life expectancy is 84 years.

Yemen most likely does not have good health care with the fact that their life expectancy is 65 years.

Better health care results in people living longer which makes the population larger since there are more old people.