Adam Sandler

A biograph by: Justin Dodson

basic information

Adam Sandler is 48 years old and was born on September,9 1966 in NY his is married and has two daughters.

impact on society

Adam Sandler had a positive effect on society because he brought joy and happyness to the world.


Adam Sandler is a great person he has done many things to help people in the world today.


Adam Sandler has been very lucky I think because if people did not think he was funny he would not be any were I think it was luck and he got lots of support and help from lots of people and he has helped lots of peoople

Why I chose this peson

I chose Adam Sandler because I grew up watching his movies and laughing at the things that he did.

Interesting facts

Adam Sandler nick name is the Sand man he was also going to play willie wonka but then backed out so they gave it to Jonney Depp

What I learned

I learned how old he was and how he got started and being famouse and that he had siblings.

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