Future Facilities Plans

Over the last several years, the Van Meter School Board has worked with administration, RSP and Associates who does enrollment projecting, FRK and Associates which is an architectural firm, Piper Sandler an institutional securities firm, as well as a facilities planning committee comprised of members of the Van Meter community, city council, and staff to discuss future facility needs. In October of 2019, this team of people agreed that our next facility would be a lower elementary school on the east campus. That information was shared in an October Bulldog Brief. There is also more information on our website.

This city of Van Meter has been working with developers on the possibility of putting in a housing development in the vacant land north of Crestview for several years. The district has been informed of those discussions regularly. Though we have no authority over what developments are approved in the community, we have been adequately informed of most developments that take place in our district.

Our district is growing. 2009 was my first year in the district and we had just over 600 students. In 2020, with the addition of preschool and TK, we will have close to 1000 students. We have closed open enrollment (with a few exceptions) to help mitigate that growth, but as the city has issued tax abatements that grew out Crestview, and the cities of West Des Moines and Waukee continue to add developments in our direction, more and more residents have moved and will continue to move to our district. This puts pressure on our facilities but is something that we are doing our best to manage. We are in a great position financially, but because of bonding capacities and debt limit statutes, we are only able to get so much funding for projects. This limits what we can do in the short term. As we continue to gain more residents and commercial property we will have more options to purchase more land for future schools.

Our mission is to personalize learning for each student's success today, and tomorrow. That mission hasn't changed and won't change with more students in our buildings. We are ready to serve all students and we will do our best to maintain the quality learning environment we have worked so hard to develop.

If you ever have any questions, it is easiest to reach our admin team via email at deron.durflinger@vmbulldogs.com, cody.tibbetts@vmbulldogs.com, and adam.lamoureux@vmbulldogs.com

Have a great summer and GO DAWGS!

Summer Office Hours

The District Office is open from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. for essential business in the summer. If you need to conduct business in the office, it is easiest to do it by appointment by emailing Shonna at shonna.trudo@vmbulldogs.com

Open Gym Guidelines

HS programs can now have open gyms. Schedules for open gyms will be shared by the varsity coaches. Guidelines for open gyms can be found here.

Summer Sports Start June 1

Governor Kim Reynolds has given school districts the authority start summer baseball and softball. The Van Meter School Board voted unanimously to approve starting both high school programs. Practices began today, and games will start on Monday, June 15. Guidelines for games and practices have been established by the Iowa Department of Education, IHSAA, IGHSAU under the guidance of the Iowa Department of Public Health. Those guidelines along with the VMCSD guidelines can be found at this link.

A PDF version of our guidelines is attached below. Please be sure to read the guidelines and expectations prior to attending any summer events. It is each spectator's and player's personal responsibility to following all established expectations. Let's all do our part to make this a great experience for our players. GO DAWGS!

Summer Sports Schedules

Schedules can be found here.

Once on the site, you can view the schedules by each sport, each level, weekly, or monthly. Click on the date of the specific event for more details and game information.

The schedules are subject to change, so please be sure to check the site regularly.

Another great site for learning more about Van Meter sports is Varsity Bound. Be sure to check it out for up to date stats for our teams and teams throughout the state.

If you have any questions, contact the coaches or Mr. Roberts at rick.roberts@vmbulldogs.com

Summer Lunch Program Ending on June 12

We will continue to serve grab and go lunches through Friday, June 12. However, we do not plan on continuing the program beyond that date. If you have any questions, email Barb Sandusky at barb.sandusky@vmbulldogs.com If your family still needs meals be sure to check out this link for more information.

20-21 School Year Registration

We have attached the online registration procedures. If you have not registered your child(ren) for school, we ask that parents complete student registration ASAP. Registrations are very important in helping us prepare for the upcoming school year. Please take the time to complete it. If you have any questions, email Sandy at sandy.coffin@vmbulldogs.com. She will be able to help you out or to get you connected with the appropriate person.

Thanks for getting your children registered for the next school year and have a great summer.

20-21 School Calendar

Also, we wanted to remind you again, that it is very possible that we start the school year prior to Monday, August 24 for students in grades TK-12. Preschool students will not likely start prior to August 24.

If we start early, it could be on Wednesday, August 12 in a hybrid learning model and run through Thursday, August 20. In this example, 1/2 of our students would attend each day in person, and the other 1/2 of our students would attend virtually. They would then switch the next day as shared below:

Aug. 12- Group A in person and Group B virtually

Aug. 13- Group B in person and Group A virtually

Aug. 14- No School/Teacher PD

Aug. 17- Group A in person and Group B virtually

Aug. 18- Group B in person and Group A virtually

Aug. 19- Group A in person and Group B virtually

Aug. 20- Group B in person and Group A virtually

Aug. 21- No School/Teacher PD

Aug. 24 and until further notice- All students attend in person

We are gathering input from our SIAC and we are considering a variety of options of blended learning.

The first two weeks of school would give us the opportunity to prepare for implementing this type of learning environment on a more consistent basis if it is required later in the school year. No final decision has been made, but strong consideration is being given to using this model prior to having all students attend on Monday, August 24.

It may be close to July before we are able to make a final decision on the start date and any changes that may be occurring to the 20-21 school calendar. Of course, any modifications we make are subject to further changes later in the summer and into the next school year. We realize this isn't convenient for families, but do understand we will do all that we can to notify families as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience as we work to develop a calendar that most benefits student learning.

Kindergarten Roundup

Kindergarten Roundup is currently scheduled for Monday, July 27, and Tuesday, July 28. Details are still being worked out and more information will come out later this summer. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Tibbetts at cody.tibbetts@vmbulldogs.com

Continuous Learning Reminders

There are summer learning opportunities available to our students. If interested, review the linked websites to learn more.

6-12 Summer Learning and Reading Site

K-8 Summer Learning and Reading Site

Mental Health Support

We know and understand that these are challenging times. Everyone's lives have been altered and it is challenging for all of us. If what is being asked of students is requiring too much time, let us know and we will find ways to provide more support or make adjustments to what we are asking kids to do. We just really want to put them in the best position to be successful academically, but we ultimately want to make sure our students are healthy.

Please reach out if your kids are struggling mentally. We have a great team of counselors and they would be glad to provide support if needed.

Jayci Kuhns- Social Worker, jayci.kuhns@vmbulldogs.com

Sara Cook- Elem. Counselor, sara.cook@vmbulldogs.com

Melanie Hopkins- Sec. Counselor, melanie.hopkins@vmbulldogs.com

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