Puerto Rico

Daily life of a student

Daily life at home

When kids are not at school, they usally play with their friends, watch T.V., or play video games.They also go on the internet, play baseball, or spend time with family.

Daily life in the summer

During the summer,kids like to go to the beach and have water fights.

Life in Puerto Rico

University, kids, and classrooms

Daily life in school!

Students in Puerto Rico leave school at 2:30, School is out at my school at 2:00. In Puerto Rico at 1:00 P.M. the students have lunch. At 10:30, the students have recess. They study math, reading, social studies, and science just like we do!

Daily life on vacation

On vacation, kids will visit relatives because usually family does not live near each other.

A little girl telling stories

On vacation, this little girl was telling stories.