April 10, 2016

What's Happening this Week...

Reading Groups:

Group 1: Word families: ad, ag, an, ap, at

Group 2: decode using consonant - R, consonant - L, S - consonant blends

Group 3: Decode using beginning digraphs (ch, th, sh, wh)

Group 4: word families: _ape, _ate, _oke, _ole

Group 5: -ai- and -ea- vowel teams

Writing Groups:

Group 1: one complete sentence, spaces, end marks, CVC words

Group 2: two complete sentences, forms letters correctly, spaces

Group 3: three complete sentences, pronouns, topic in first sentence, return sweep

Group 4: three complete sentences, spells long vowel families, spells consonant blends


7.5 - Introduction to a Quarter

7.6 - Addition and Subtraction Dice Games

7.7 - Late in the year counting

7.8 - 10's and 1's counting sticks



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Mark Your Calendars

Our Kindergarten class will be singing a few songs, including our Star Wars plant song from the talent show. Please join us at noon at Barnes and Noble. It is always a great event!

Barnes and Noble

Saturday, April 16th, 12pm

1565 Briargate Boulevard

Colorado Springs, CO

We will be singing at noon. Join us with your Star Wars gear!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Friday, April 15th starting at 7:45am.

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Twin Day! April 15th!