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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! As you know, some of our students are not able to be very mobile because of certain limitations or impairments. Restricted mobility can also restrict their ability to socialize with other children. Also, many times, these children have so little control over anything in their world, but being mobile can change that! I"m not sure if you know, but motorized wheel chairs can cost thousands of dollars and for some of our youngest children, they aren't old enough to be eligible for that. A group of our amazing teachers refused to let those barriers hold them back. They were determined to get one of our students moving! They partnered with a man that figured out how to take store bought motorized cars for kids and make modifications so that children with special needs could be more mobile! Sweet Morgan is behind the wheel and loving it! Check out the video below of him with his teacher, Mrs. Brittain! We are so excited for him!

Take a look at the three pictures below about what the caterpillar ate! Our PPCD friends just read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They got to choose what they wanted him to eat. They selected their picture, glued it down, and then drew a picture to match. Can you even believe how great their drawings are?! These are three year old students who already understand that what they put on paper carries meaning!! And look at the details in their pictures. The cake has candles and that pickle even has bumps. Fantastic!

For Kids,

Melissa Ellis


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