Stonybrook Middle School

Knightly News -May 2022

Ready to Learn Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Safe

Important Dates in May

May 2-13 PAC Fundraiser - Spenst Pizza

Thursday, May 19th Grade 5 Orientation Evening, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 19th Sports Card Club attends Gold Eyes Game

Monday, May 23rd Victoria Day (No Classes)

Wednesday, May 25th Spenst Pizza Pick Up day (more info to come)

Friday, May 27th a.m. Immunizations (round 2 of routine immunizations)

Tuesday, May 31st Grade 5/6 Divisional Track Meet (rain date: June 7th)

Important Dates for June!

Grade 7/8 1200 m run, 4:30 - June 1st

Grade 7/8 Divisional Track Meet - June 2nd

Band Concert/Celebration of the Arts - June 8th

Grade 8 Farewell Event (evening) - June 24th

End of School Activity Days! - June 27th (5), June 29th (6,7,8)

The money raised by the PAC "Spenst Pizza" Fundraiser will be used to subsidize the costs for Activity Day and Field Trips in May and June!

Grade 5/6 Divisional Track Meet

Tuesday, May 31st

SMS will be hosting a Divisional Track Meet for students that qualify in Grade 5 and 6. Students will have the opportunity to qualify for events during their phys ed classes. Parents will be notified if their child will be participating in this Track and Field event.

Parents of these students are invited to come and watch. Bothwell School will have a canteen set up on the grounds during the day. See below for the canteen menu!

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SMS was well represented in the Divisional Finals

We had an enthusiastic badminton season, with many players for both Grade 7's and Grade 8's trying out - it was great to see so many kids in the gym playing badminton.

Divisional Finals were held on Wednesday, April 27. Everyone played hard and gave the competition a run for their money! The sportsmanship displayed was top notch.

In Grade 7, Rian won the Bronze medal in Girls Singles play, while Sierra and Nicole walked away with Silver in Girls Doubles.

The Grade 8 team saw Erik N. easily winning gold and Liam P. taking Bronze in the Boys Singles event. The Girls Doubles team of Thalia and Alexa were successful in winning the Bronze medal. This was enough for SMS to win the Runner Up Banner for Badminton.

Huge congratulations and thank you to the badminton players for a great season!

Also thank you to the Badminton Coaches - Ms. Lavallee, Ms. Baetsen, Ms. Beltz, Mr. Shumsky and Mr. North.

After School Basketball Drop-In

For Grade 6-8 students

What? After school drop-in basketball for students. These are not practices and students do not need to commit or come every time, hence the term "drop in".

Why? To give students a head start on preparing for Grade 7/8 basketball for next year. Our students often have a limited knowledge base or skill set when basketball season starts so we want to give them a chance to do some pre-development. Also, players with some existing experience can continue to develop already existing skills.

Where? SMS Gym

When? Always from 3:45-5:15 (players will stay at school and head straight to the gym at the end of the school day) on any day of the week. We will clarify the days every week as coaches give us their available days that week. This program will run for the month of May.

Cost? None! There will not be any referees and the coaches will not be reimbursed in any way.

Expectations Students will be expected to take this as serious practice and developmental time. Players should be on time, in proper gym clothes, with good shoes, and with a "ready to learn" mentality. Students will be expected to relay information to parents and make sure parents know they are staying after school.

If you are interested please complete the Consent Form that has been added to your Parent Portal account.

Sports Card Club

Raising Money for Ukraine

During the month of April, Mr. Dewey and the SMS Sports Card Club raised money for the Canadian Red Cross to help Ukraine. They sold packs of hockey cards for $1.00 each, and Mr. Dewey and the Club also had a Card Show at Clearspring Mall. They were successful in raising $1,027.00!

Congratulations and thank you for the effort put in for this great cause.

Mr. Dewey even made an appearance on steinbachonline!

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2022-2023 Student Registrations

Registration packages will be sent home in the next couple of weeks.

Please return the completed registration forms as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the registrations, don't hesitate to contact the school, 204-326-6481. If your child will not be attending SMS next year, please send a note so that we can make those adjustments in our records. Thank you!

Putting class lists together for the next year is done with a lot of thought and planning and making changes after the classes are arranged can be challenging. If you should happen to have a teacher request for your child, you may indicate that on the registration forms (or you can call or email the school). We cannot guarantee that you will get the teacher you requested, but we will take your suggestions into serious consideration as we make up the new class lists. Thank you for your understanding.

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If you bring a bike to school, please remember to keep it locked in the bike racks provided so there is less chance of someone stealing it! The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.

Also, don't forget that it is law that anyone under the age of 18 should be wearing a bike helmet.

SMS Dress Code

"Students will dress appropriately for school." (SMS Code of Conduct)

~Students should dress appropriately for a school setting.

~Hoods may be worn outside only; hats may be worn in class if teachers are in agreement.

~Offensive language/pictures on clothing is not permitted (swearing, references to drugs, alcohol or sexual comments).

~Perfumes and colognes are not permitted in the building due to severe allergies.

~Flip-flops and open-toed shoes are not permitted in the gym, sewing or woods labs for safety reasons.

If you are not sure about your clothing, please ask a staff member.

Lunch Hour at SMS

Please note that SMS students are required to remain on campus all day - including the lunch hour. The only exception to this is where students are walking directly home for lunch as arranged with parents.

SMS says, "Thank you" for your support and care as we keep our kids safe.

Parents are welcome to pick up students for lunch at any time. Please let the office know directly when these types of arrangements are being made so that the school has appropriate contact information in the case of emergency.

PS - Don't forget to send spoons and forks with your child's lunch if utensils are needed! This is a popular request in the office and we just don't have enough spoons and forks for everyone! Thank you!

A Note from the Bus Transportation Department


Hanover School Division Transportation Department has been very busy this year trying to accommodate all the changes that we have been facing throughout the school year.

In order to help us prepare for the next school year, we would appreciate if you would notify us:

* if you know that you will be moving to a different address over the summer;

* if you will be returning from home schooling (or if you know of someone returning from home schooling, please have them contact us);

* if you chose to transport your children this year but next year you would like them to resume riding the bus.

Please call (204-320-2347) or email ( our office at any time before school starts. We want to make sure that your child will have transportation set up for the school start up! We are open all summer long.

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April=Month of Kindness

During the month of April, SMS had a Week of Kindness planned for April 11th to 14th. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to us so we were not able to do all the things that we had planned. We did get lots of encouraging notes on colorful post-its up around the school as well as many Knight Honors cards handed out to students and staff acknowledging acts of kindness.

However, homeroom 6YB decided to make the entire month of April "Kindness Month". They decided to participate in an in-class kindness challenge. Ms. Bouseri prepared envelopes that contained a suggestion for a random act of kindness. The students would choose an envelope, and then would complete the challenge (such as leaving a positive review for a small business, or doing a chore around their home without being asked). When students completed the activity they would be able to share what they did and grab another paper to do another act of kindness. The kids really got into it and were able to spread a lot of kindness and positivity around the community!

From the Community

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Wise Kid-Netic Camps

They are Back on the Road this Summer!

Are you planning your summer vacation already? Looking for something for your kids to do? Check out Wise Kid-netic Camps! Bringing fun STEM opportunities to communities in Manitoba! Find details below!

Week-long day camps full of messy and interactive STEM!

Our summer day camps let kids ages 9-12 in on an exciting world of discovery and innovation. Participants will explore science, technology, or engineering topics each day of the week through a multitude of hands-on projects and activities. Camps include indoor and outdoor components, and incorporate everything from physical activity to creative design challenges, to digital technology.

Each year we develop a new set of STEM theme days for our Kid-Netic Energy STEM camp and bring them to locations across Manitoba!

The Steinbach Camp will be held the week of July 18-22, at Clearspring Middle School. For more information and to register, go to