Summertime Reading!

Summer Reading Tips

Read, Read out loud, and Ear Read!!!

It's summertime and it's time to play, swim, and read. For some students with dyslexia it can be a difficult taks to sit down and read an entire book. Build in a specific time to read throughout the day for 15-20 minutes. Make reading fun! Get books online and ear read them, read articles of interest, and keep the text on your students level. Read out loud to your child and let them illustrate the story. Let them listen to a book through headphones on a long road trip. Make reading a fun and positive experience!

Summer Reading with a Dyslexic Student

Have a fun, exciting, and eventful summer!

Have a wonderful summer everyone! I can't wait to hear about your summertime adventures. Remember to read to self, read out loud, and ear read :)

Mrs. Wheeler's Language Science Class - McAuliffe ES

Dyslexia Interventionist