May 20-24

What's Happening

I hope everyone had a great time at Community Day. The art was amazing and it looked like everyone was enjoying the art classes!

May 22 - Volunteer Tea Invitations were sent home for any parents who volunteered in the class over the year. RSVP's are due today.

May 23 - Inuit Days. Parent are invited to come from 10:05 to 10:45. There will be games, activities and food. Hope to see you there. Please RSVP either on the blog or in your child's agenda.

May 29 - Volunteer Tea. This will be held at 1:30. Our class will be singing a song and drumming for this event. We are also hoping to do this for the June Assembly for those of you who may miss it. See our video clip below.

We just finished writing our Inuit Unit Test and our Calendar test. Students should be bringing these home within the next few days. Next week I will be testing students on their reading.

Our new unit in Math will be Measurement using non-standard measurement. We are continuing to work on Exploring Liquids in Science. Our new unit is Social Studies will be learning about France, and comparing Macao, Nunavut and France.