Mr.Fama's Great Fall!!!!!

By:Bentley Beaver + Ally Zaichek. (This is all about Fall!)

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Fall break!!!!

Our fall break is on Friday and it lasts the 10th through the 23rd and we hope you have a great fall break and have tons of fun!! Any reading or math practice is a nice idea. EVEN if you are on vacation.


Mr.Fama has sent out a paper with all the days of the month on it and everyday your kids should read 20-30 minutes every night. after you have finished all of them at the end of the month you get a free personal pan pizza from pizza hut (WARNING: DONT JUST COLOR THEM IN WE WILL FIND YOU AND WE WILL STARE AT YOU AWKWARDLY ;) )

More Fall!!!!

About Us!!!

Bentley (Right) Loves to play video games with his friends (Cayden, Payton) and loves to play lacrosse and baseball/ soccer

Ally (Left) Loves to have sleepovers and play outside with her friends and cheer.

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The cheerleaders are a group of girls at recess that cheer.Mrs. Wax (Mr.Fama's Helper) is also cheering with the group too
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DASH!!!! (Fama's Dog)