Bioethanol: What Gas Should Be

By Jordan Thompson

The Product

How It Works
Bioethanol works by mixing it with petrol to make fuel for vehicles.

  • The main advantage of bioethanol is that it is a renewable fuel, made from plant materiel and can be replenished over time.
  • It is also the most commonly produced biofuel in the world.
  • The United States is one of the main producers of this product, so it creates many job opportunities for our citizens.
  • It has been found to produce a minimum of 50% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuel.
  • It can only be used for 10% of fuel, but it still helps cut down the amount of fossil fuels.
  • Even through motorists drive fewer miles with bioethanol than with normal car fuel, it is still the more Eco friendly choice of the two fuels.
  • Bioethanol has been blamed for driving up the price of corn, but it provides more jobs for people to produce it. In turn, this gives the country more money because of the high prices, which improves our overall economy.
Did you know that bioethanl can be made from sugar cane, corn or wheat