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Shoes the Full Version


Most people buy clothes, food, or even electronics. The one thing I like to do is buy shoes. My mom does not like the fact that I like shoes so much but she will get over it. I don't wear just Jordans' either, Nike is my favorite brand so I wear different kinds of Nike shoes. Every now and then I will wear some Stacy Adams.
Nelly - Stepped On My J'z ft. Jermaine Dupri, Ciara

Ball is Life

I have always been a large fan of basketball. My whole family are into basketball and are fans just like me. My little brother and sister currently play basketball in high school. My little brother may or may not be better than me, but you won't know that. We have at least 7 basketballs at my house which says something, and that is not counting the ones my dad keeps at the gym for us. Ball is life.

Favorite Basketball Players

Fuel the Fire

Gatorade and Fruit Snacks

Playing sports in high school brought me to the realization that Gatorade and fruit snacks are my best friend. My mom use to and still buys the to this day. Coaches normally advise you not to eat big before a meet especially right before you run. One thing he was not against were fruit snacks so you can probably guess what I had before every meet.

Track no Field

Ever since the 7th grade I have ran track. I was never the fastest guy on the team or fast at all until my junior year where I partially hit my growth spurt. The rest came when my senior year started. Track always just gave me something to do. It kept me off the streets and in shape. I ran hurdles and every now and then 4x4. Coach always wanted me to do long jump but my knees are too bad for all that

Money Hungry

Ever since I was old enough to work I have had a job. Sadly it has been the same job for the whole time. It does not include the side jobs I do with my Uncle and his construction. I've worked at Sears for as long as I can remember, I'm like a veteran. It feels like I know everything about Sears that is needed to be known and it is kind of sad. I have made a good deal of money there so I can not complain that much.


My mom likes to do this thing where if anything in the house breaks she calls me. Even if I have never fixed it before, I have to fix it and it has to work. I've always been the one to fix stuff or mess with it enough to fix it. I like doing things that deal with technology like computers and other things of that sort.

Car Troubles

One thing about me is that I can't keep cars for a long period of time. I went through 3 cars within one year and each time it has been a different issue. My friends always make fun of me and say I have bad luck with vehicles which is partially true.


Family is the most important thing to me. They are what drives me to do what I do and what I don't do. I have my immediate family and people who are like my family. They are always here for me when I need them.
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