BUY The Tongue gLOVE!

By, Ally and Grace

What food do you dislike? Is it healthy?

Well, now there's an answer for unwanted but healthy food. Instead of wasting it just because it doesn't taste good, use the Tongue gLOVE. The Tongue gLOVE covers the parts of your tongue that you use to taste, so you can stay healthy without suffering.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Different colors
  • Different flavors (like candy) (optional)
  • Helps solves obesity (explains bellow)
  • Reasonable price of $7.99
  • Thin and flexible but not too thin

Different views of the model

"Tools like this will help kids to eat healthier and reverse trends in childhood obesity and diabetes" -Matt Hosler

Helps Prevent Obesity

The Tongue gLOVE allows you to eat the food that is healthy for you. If you hate the taste of vegetables yet want to lose weight, the tongue glove is the solution. Can't get your kids to eat healthier? The tongue glove is the perfect answer. The tongue glove satisfies your hunger with healthy foods. Now you can drop those extra pounds without tasting it.


There is something called the miracle berry tablet It is supposed to "transform food that you never thought could be so delicious". You roll it over your tongue and sweet and bitter foods will taste like candy for 20-30 minutes. This is very cool but the tongue glove works on any food not just some. Also, the food that the miracle berry works with aren't all healthy.