The History of the Universe

By: Yuhei Hattori and Joseph Lewis

The Universe was born on 13,700,000,000 B.C.

13.7 billion years ago, I witnessed the birth of the universe. One moment, there was nothing. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, a burst of heat, and there was matter, energy, time, and space. I miraculously wasn't blinded by the light and vaporized by the heat. Now that I think of it, how did I even exist before "the beginning of matter"? Oh well, that isn't very important. Once this explosion happened, packs of matter started gathering together and formed stars.

The birth of the solar system

The solar system was created 5 billion years. Just like billions of other stars, the sun ignited, and a pack of matter, the earth, was created. Now, it wasn't like our current earth, it was completely covered by molten rock called "lava". 500 million years later, the moon, another clump of molten rock and lava, was created and started orbiting the earth. Then, for another 500 millennia, it constantly rained. Nonstop, for 500 million years. The earth was flooded, and the oceans were formed. Once it stopped, life started forming on earth. Tiny cells were formed, and they started creating more complex organisms.


The problem with earth sustaining life was that there was no oxygen. In fact, until 2 billion years ago, I had to breath by...I don't know, how did I breathe? Anyway, 2 billion years ago, a new organism called stromatolites were created, and they produced oxygen. It was then that life could evolve. I saw many different organisms come and go through many different ages.


In the last 1 billion years, organisms evolved much. There were tiny bacteria, which became soft algae. And about 200 million years ago, some intelligent monkeys started using stone tools and fire. They are our ancestors. These monkeys then evolved into humans. If you want to know what then happened, ask someone else. I'm not your history teacher.