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A Note from Mr. Shaffer

Dear Worcester Families,

Happy Friday! Most importantly, I hope this message finds you safe and in good health! I also hope you and your family are adjusting well to virtual learning and to our new normal.

I often remind myself of the "I Can Control" visual above this message. Although my third grade son may be logging into his 3rd grade Google Classroom later than expected more often than not and, with full disclosure, totally missed a synchronous class meeting on Tuesday, I know we're doing the best we can each and every day! I'm also committed to doing the same each day next week. If your "Energy Bus" also hit a few bumps during the week, please remind yourself that you're doing great and that's what really matters! And if your bus has taken a longer than expected detour, you can always hop on mine until we can get your bus back on track!

Last week, families were invited to "Say Hello!" Please click the link below for a special message from our Worcester Wolves. If you would like to "Say Hello," you're welcome to add a video. Submitted videos will be temporarily hidden from view until approved by one of our Flipgrid Gurus. Each week, we will add a Flipgrid activity to help us stay better connected as we continue to put one another's safety and health first through social distancing. Please see below for a message from Mrs. Snyder and for more information in regard to this week's Flipgrid activity.

I met with our team virtually over the last few days. I was thankful for the opportunity to let them know how appreciative I am to be with them during this experience. I wish I could share this message with you in person, but wanted you to know nevertheless how much you, your family, and the entire Worcester community means to me and my family. Thank you for advocating for your child(ren), for being patient as we determine next steps, and most importantly for being you! We're in this together and I'm confident that we will come out of this on the other side more connected and stronger than ever before!

With Sincere Thoughts,

Principal Shaffer (and the Worcester Team)


This past month has felt like an eternity! Virtual schooling has reaffirmed for me that I chose the right career as I miss your children and the entire staff at Worcester Elementary immensely. I look forward to the day when I can return to school and see, listen to, and interact with all of your children once again.

As we continue distance learning, this week’s school-wide focus is on capturing kindness. Even in this world of social distancing, there is much all of us can do to spread joy to others. Simple examples include waving to a neighbor on your walk, calling a family member who is living alone, having one sibling read a story to another sibling, or older students washing the dishes without being asked. Acts of kindness can even be tied to Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22. We encourage you to capture your child/children acting kindly and share it with others. Please click the link below to access Flipgrid and hit the plus sign to record and upload a short video or picture. A compilation of the videos/pictures will be shared in our next edition of the Worcester Weekly. These shared kindness acts will inspire others to channel their own energy and frustration into helping others.

To get started, you may want to have your child/children watch this Kid President clip below entitled, “Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students.” In this short video, Kid President encourages us to “look for the awesome” in the world. Here are some words of wisdom from Kid President:



Please note that our IT Department has changed the settings on student email accounts. Students will now receive an email that prompts them when an assignment is returned or teacher feedback is provided. Please assist your child(ren) as needed with monitoring their email.
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  • April 10th: Lucia (K)
  • April 11th: Oscar (2nd) and Kairi (K)
  • April 14th: Daniel (K) and Noor (4th)
  • April 17th: Jaxon (1st), Jason (2nd), Alexa (4th), Pamela (4th), Connor (3rd), Zakariya (3rd), and Julienne (1st)
  • April 18th: Olivia (4th)
  • April 23rd: Brianna (4th)


Be sure to check out the Worcester Library website by clicking the link below. Right now, you can find our Poem of the Day, which is read (and sometimes written) by our teachers as well as a 100 brick LEGO challenge. Check back often...you never know what may suddenly appear...that's a magical hint (O^O)!


We are living in a unique and changing time in history. Students and families may want to explore the "Time Capsule" activity that is accessible below. This activity will help guide families with reflecting and memorializing their thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences.


Let's Remember to be the "I" in KIND

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QUESTIONS? EMAIL . . . information@methacton.org

Coming Soon: Standards Based Grading & Reporting

Please click the link below to learn more about Standards Based Grading and Reporting. Methacton School District will be implementing a Standards Based Report Card next school year.


Worcester School Pledge

Please join me in thanking 4th grade student, Claire Miller, for creating our newly adopted school pledge. Claire joined Mr. Shaffer with reciting the pledge over the intercom during morning announcements. Thank you, Claire!

Today, I promise to do my best.

I will make safe, respectful, and responsible choices.

I will have a positive attitude, include others, and be a kind friend.

I will be a good role model.

Today, I promise to make our school a better place.

BEE the One to . . .

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Encourage, Empower, and Inspire

Thank you to all of the Worcester BEEs for encouraging our students, empowering our families, and for inspiring me each and everyday!

There any many lessons that can be learned from the honeybee. For me, the importance of community and working together for the greater good is the lesson that resonates most!