Poison Control

Alex Fast

Poison Control- 1(800)222-1222

Poison Control Center is a 24-Hour hot line that provides emergency medical advice on treating poisoning victim's. The info you need before you call Poison Control is your name and sometimes the address your located. Make sure you know exactly what poison is, poison is any substance, solid, liquid or gas that could harm or maybe even cause death to the body.

If Poison is Swallowed- Call Poison Control and listen very closely! They might have you give the victim water or milk sometimes they will have you try to make the victim puke but It depends on what it is! Make sure you know what they got into!

Poison inhaled- Get to fresh air, I the viaticum isn't breathing help them breath with mouth to mouth!

Poison on the skin- Take off all the clothing they have on just incase it was on the clothing! Rinse the skin for 15 min with warm water!

Poison in the eyes- CALL 911. Rinse the eyes out with water for about 15 min. Have the victim blink as many times as they can! DO NOT RUB THE EYE AT ALL