What Can We Do About Hate?

Talk About It

You Haven't Hit Rock Bottom

Just because someone is making fun of you and hating on you does NOT mean you aren't special. It shouldn't matter what people think about you or your race. You never need to be afraid of bullies or just mean people. In most cases they are just using you to make them feel better about themselves.

Tell Someone! Talk About It!

Hateful acts can really hurt. Tell someone like a parent, friend, or teacher. It will help drastically! Talk to whomever you choose and talk it out. When you see someone else in your situation, HELP THEM! Let them talk to you! Be nice to everyone!
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Ways To Stop Hate

The world is full of hate. You can be the person who stops it. Here are some ways to help, stop, and prevent hate -

  1. Stand up for yourself and other people.
  2. Don't ignore it. The situation may seam harmless but it can be hurtful.
  3. When you see something, do something!
  4. Remain calm, try your hardest not to fight back.
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