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May 11, 2015. 13 items this week

Teacher Moms

I want to take a moment to thank all of our mother's at Level Creek. Teachers and Educators are givers by nature. Each one of you gives your Time, your Expertise, your Love, your Expectations, and your Wisdom to students every day. Many of our working moms go straight home and do the same again with their own children.

There are not words to say how impressed I am with all of the success you bring to your students here and to your own families. Mothers here raise their own children to a high standard and then help to do the same with dozens of other children. Level Creek, and society in general would be nothing without your giving spirit.

Thank you to all of our mothers. Make sure that you give yours a call if you are able or say a prayer of thanks for the way they raised you if not. Know that you are raising this next generation. And raising it well.

(Ma Skelton says hi from Albuquerque)

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Building Open on the weekend

The building will be open May 16th if you need to work over the weekend. Check the staff calendar for times.

Report Cards Last Day

If a parent asks for their child's report card the last day of school before they have checked out, please let them know that you will send it up with the child when they are called for. Parents may be curious about grades and class placement but it will be easier for you if they are not opening envelopes up in your room.

Bus Stickers Last Day

Students cannot bring book bags to school the last day. Transportation wants to make sure that student still have a tag and get off in the right spot. Transportation is printing stickers for your HR with student names and bus routes. On the last day, please make sure that you place those on your bus riders before they walk up to buses.


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Permanent Files

Permanent Files will need to be organized before you leave on Friday. Please thank Christy and the office staff-they are making the extra effort to alphabetize all classes for you since you only have one day of post planning.

In your class' permanent files you will place:

  1. Report Card
  2. LA Communication Report
  3. Final Academic Contract (if applicable)
  4. Final GKIDS summary report (Kindergarten)
  5. Updated RTI charts & probes (in Red SST folder)

We are not alphabetizing permanent files this year because of only one post planning day (this won't happen every year:-).

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2015-16 Map & Schedule

See email sent 5/7.
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Mentor Sentences

Remember, in 2015 we will be looking for mentor sentences throughout the entire school next year.
  1. Invitation to Notice
  2. Invitation to Notice Parts of Speech
  3. Invitation to Revise
  4. Invitation to Imitate
Some teachers have an Invitation to Edit once in a while on Fridays. This is from a sentence the teacher selects. If you want to prepare over the summer, we will have a section of a book for you to read (Mechanically Inclined, by Jeff Anderson). And, Mary Taylor is placing the Mentor Sentence video that several of our teachers created on our eCLASS page.

Gifted Resource Teacher of the Year

Joannie Waters was named Gifted Resource Teacher of the Year this week at a celebration at the Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center. Well done Joannie!
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May Reminders

Engaging instruction

Finish STRONG! The best thing you can do for a peaceful end of the year is to continue planning strong lessons. Ask, "How will I keep my students engaged?" Y'all, I am proud of the work you have done with students. Don't let up.

Shorts for Field Day

Yes! You may wear shorts for Field Day (your grade's field day only). Shorts must be appropriate length. If you are unsure of what that is come see me.


2 hour movies at the end of the year are seldom engaging. Clips which bring out instruction are great at any point in the year. If you have a movie that has been approved by the Media Committee, please run it by Helen and Cindy before showing it.


  • We have only 1 Day of post planning.
  • You can certainly pack the last week of school while students are not present (Before/after school, planning, Saturday). You may take bulletin boards down/things off of the walls.
  • Boxes- If you are moving, labeled boxes will be moved over the summer. Please place the room # the boxes are moving to. They will be placed outside the classroom until carpets are shampooed. Or you can move on your own.

Summer Set Up

Sherri and the custodians will have all classrooms ready by July 6th. After that you can come in and set up your classroom any time you like.

Teacher As Leader

Kerri Griffin was celebrated this past week as a graduate of the Teacher As Leader program. Well done Kerri!
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LSPI Spreadsheet


Reminder to start thinking about end of the year information.

  1. LSPI due: Thursday 5/14
  2. RBES due: see school calendar for your time
  3. F&Ps need to be done, and they get in short supply the closer to the end you may wait. See Michelle Stine (or her recent email) for details.

EIP Rubrics


We have a new EIP Rubric procedure. Teachers will complete EIP rubrics on their students this year that will be available for their teacher next year. This will make sure that the rubric is filled out by a teacher who really knows the child after a year together. A couple of points:

  1. Your grade level RTI facilitator knows about this and can give you more information
  2. Fill these out! EIP does exist to help serve kids. It does not exist to give all kids pull-out services.
  3. If we have a child who needs high level support we do find a way for pull out
  4. Serving students in EIP earns us factions of teacher points. Those add up! However, they are delayed a year. The students we serve next year earn us fractions of teacher points for 2016-17. Seems like a long way off? Not when we get there.
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2015 Teaching and Learning Conference

This year GCPS will host the first annual summer conference for Teachers!

Conference Video:

To view the complete course listing, click on the link below:

Registration Information:

  • Registration Dates April 17 – May 8, 2015
  • Registration
    • Log into your employee Portal
    • Click “Tools”
    • Click “2015 Teaching and Learning Conference” to begin Registration
  • June 16 – 18, 2015, 8:00am – 1:15pm, Instructional Support Center