Where Men Win Glory

Jon Krakaur

Pat Tilman : character analsys

This book shows Pat Tilmans physical and intellectual strength. He played football for the Arizona Cardnals and after 9/11 occurred, he decided it was time he helped out his country and joined the army. A very big decision because he was leaving a 3 million dollar, 3 year contract behind. He built up his strength and bravery growing up in New Almaden, California, climbing things and jumping off cliffs just for fun. Pats sensitive and caring side was shown in his journal in which he wrote daily. He explained his deep feelings for things such as his friends, family, football and the army.

Pats Story

Where Men Win Glory contains a lot of story development, transitioning from his football carrer to his army carrer. Pat made the ultimate decision to leave the NFL for the army, leaving behind the good life in hope to make someone else have a good life and live safe happy and healthy. He gave up money, woman and everything in between to help his country sleep better at night. He decided to get married even with a well known risk that he may leave his wife a widow. This shows the hardships and obsticles of a long distance relationship. The setting helps us understand just how Pat Tilman lived, it shows us the man he is and the man he became after afganistan

Honor. Bravery. Respect.

Final Review

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer is a boring, but amazing book to read. It is amazing because it shows us the bravery of some men in the country and the sacrifices they make for the things they love. Normally I wouldn't recommend any book to anyone, especially if I was forced to read it but this one is a great one if you get over the boring humps and really understand the true meaning of the story. Of course I would recommend this book. Read it.