Colorful Coral

Brenna Dolan


By the year 2030, 50% of the world's coral formations will vanish and that’s not a good thing. Now you will learn why coral is so important from the habitat of coral and how it is alike and different to many other sea creatures. The body structure is very unique, how coral comes in so many shapes and sizes, and finally the diet of coral is very different from many other sea creatures.


Now that you know the habitat of coral has to be tropical and shallow waters. The body structure can be different because there is 70,000 types of coral. Finally the diet of coral eats plankton fish and shrimp. Now you know all about coral habitat body structure and diet.

Go Fish

My “Go Fish” activity included buying a tank, supplies, decorations and fish. My budget was $250.00, I spent $167.52. I finished the project under budget. The theme I chose for my tank was “Under the Sea” I included a clam and a treasure chest as part of the decorations. I bought 7 fish which totaled 16 inches, that leaves plenty of room in a 20 gallon tank.

I enjoy “go fish” because I learned a lot from this project that when you go to get an aquarium you need a lot of things like a filter to keep the fish clean food and decorations so the fish can hide. I think this was a great project because we learned a lot.


In the Think Tank I made a quizzle for coral we had to make 10 multiple questions that people had to awnser.

World Wall

In think tank i made a world wall i used 10 words to describe coral in the backround i put the great barrier reef that is the biggest coral reef in the world.r
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