C.C.F.C. Golden Eagle Weekly


January 21st, 2021: Volume 2, Issue 3

Welcome to our new Columbia Community Fitness Center newsletter where you can find information about schedules, staff, contests, special events and a whole lot more. We will have a paper copy of our newsletter available at the Fitness Center desk.

Columbia Community Fitness Center welcomes anyone to join. You do not have to live in the Brooklyn/Columbia area. We offer Silver Sneakers through most insurances, a great variety of classes and a great weight room. Come check us out!!!


We are starting our group exercise classes next Wednesday, January 20th,2021.

We are in the process of disinfecting, organizing, and going through the new executive order so that we are ready to serve you. We are so very excited to start classes again and see you all.

Every week our class schedule will be posted in the weekly newsletter and on our Facebook page.

In case you have forgotten with this long pause you have options with taking classes. Here are the options that we offer:

Drop-in Class - $5

Punch card ( 13 punches ) -$60

Unlimited weight room/Classes per month- $65

Per the executive order, a mask must be worn during class. You must stay 6 ft apart and disinfect the equipment used after each class. Prior to entering the class we will ask that you sign-in at the Front desk, there we will take your temperature with our touch-less thermometer and have you answer the COVID questions.

Here are the classes that will take place next week:


  • 5:30-6:30 pm Spin- Jessica
  • 6- 7 p.m Zumba- Rosa


  • 4:30-5:15 pm - Spin and Core- Krista


  • 8- 8:45 am - Body Fit - Bonnie
  • 10:15-11:15 am Silver Sneakers Circuit- Kathy-
  • 6- 7 p.m Zumba- Rosa


  • 4:30-5:15 pm - Spin and Core- Krista


  • 8- 8:45 am Spin- Jessica
  • 9-10 am - Strength Training - Jessica
  • 10:15-11 am Silver Sneakers- Kathy-
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Volunteer opportunity

We are looking for volunteers to help work our morning/night shifts from ( 5-8 pm M-TH) and (8-12 pm Saturdays). If you volunteer two times a month you receive FREE CLASSES. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Courtney at Courtney.Toteff@myeagles.org. Thank you!!


We are open on Monday, January 25th with our regular hours even though there is NO SCHOOL.

Based on the current Executive Order the Fitness Center has been required to modify student hours and implement necessary COVID safety protocols. Please review the important information below:

Students must wear a mask at all times throughout their workout, no exceptions. Social distancing is also required while in the Fitness center.

We are able to have 25% capacity, 8 students, in the facility together at a time. In order to comply with this, we will host two 45 minute time sessions for students to work out, Monday-Friday.

  • Session 1-3:05-3:50 PM

15 minute break to sanitize between sessions

  • Session 2-4:05-4:50 PM

It is suggested to call ahead to check on how many students are in the Weight Room. Pease call 517-592-3393.

In order to use the Fitness Center during these times, you must be a current Columbia Central student and have the Student Contract Form turned in. If your student does not have a form completed, one can be picked up at the front desk of the Fitness Center.

If you are a graduated Columbia Central student you have the option to do a $5 drop-in fee or $25/month during member hour's

Thank you for your understanding!

A few changes are in store for you.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our members, staff, volunteer and students. We are following all of the CDC, Local and and State guidelines to provide you with a safe environment. We will be using phases to begin until restrictions either are lifted or change.

Phase 1 of our opening includes:

You are required to wear a mask the whole time you are in the Fitness Center, weight room and during classes. The mask must be over your nose and mouth at all times.

Once you enter the Fitness Center there will be X's on the ground where you will stand. The X's are 6 ft or more apart.

We also will have a manual sign-in sheet where you will answer Y or N to the Covid questions located behind the Fitness Center desk on the white board. We also will be taking your temperature with a Infrared thermometer that will not touch you. We will disinfect your pen once you have used it to sign the proper paperwork.

You will also be asked if your emergency contact information is up to date so that we have that on file.

If you are entering the Gym for a class you will go down to the doors near the Mezzanine. If you must use the Bathroom you can use the double doors closest to the Fitness Center entrance and walk down the hallway from there. The exit once in the Gym to the parking lot is through the double doors on the far side of the Gym.

If you are entering the Weight room there is one entrance which is the original entrance. The exits are located through the double doors farther down or through the Spin room.

The exit to the parking lot if you are using the weight room will be through the double doors in the Bathroom hallway.

There also is a capacity of 25% within the weight room and a 10 person max per class. With the 25% capacity that is roughly 6-8 people. In order to know if we are at capacity we ask that you call into the Fitness Center at 517-592-3393 and we will evaluate the current situation and let you know.

We ask that you disinfectant any equipment that you have used. You will notice that we don't have towels to wipe and that is because all you have to do it spray and leave on. When spraying please do not spray any of the electronic parts of the machine. We will use a disinfecting wipe to clean that part. The disinfectant takes 15 minutes to complete the disinfecting phase, so please allow time 15 minutes in between use of the machine/equipment.

While in the Fitness center you will notice that we have installed a new drinking fountain. It will fill up water bottles and that is it. We also have added a few more hand sanitizing stations that we ask that you use upon entering and exiting the weight room.

We understand that there are a lot of changes for everyone and we will be patience with you and show you the new change, so please do not be anxious at all. We are in this together and will work through it together. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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Misson Statement.

To enhance the quality of fitness in the school and community through our classes, amenities and the programs that we offer. To have a positive impact on the well being of everyone that visits the Fitness Center, while keeping the school as the center of the community activity.