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Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

January 2014 Benchmark Week

Hello Families,

It took us a couple of days but I think we are back in the swing of things!! We had to have a "refresher" lecture about appropriate behavior in class and throughout the school as kids are chatting quite a bit during listening time or in the hallways and common areas of the school. But I have faith in my students and I'm sure we will get right back in the saddle with nice manners and proper classroom etiquette.

This week we will not have a new spelling lesson. Also, please note that kids have early release on Friday at 12:30. I will administer the LISD Benchmark for Reading and Math. This will give us an idea of how kids are progressing and what we can do to prepare for the STAAR test this spring. I will be in touch if there are any concerns.

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of January 13, 2014

Math: Division: Envision Topic 10, Quiz on Wed. (minor grade)

Math Benchmark Assessment

Spelling: No Spelling Lesson this week

Science: Energy: Light, Sound, Heat

Writer's Workshop: Community Brochure

Reader's Workshop: Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin, Non-Fiction text

Reading Benchmark Assessment

Social Studies: New Life in America: Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, History of Carrollton


Mon: Science (please return library books)

Tue: Library

Wed: Music

Thur: P.E.

Fri: Art

Homework Jan. 13-17:

My Third Grade Homework Kelley’s Kids

Week of January 13, 2014


__Practice cursive

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__Division practice


__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__Division practice


__Division practice

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__Division practice

__ Practice cursive


Last day for 9 for 9 challenge


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