Three Games



Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 11pm

Shiremoor, United Kingdom

Shiremoor, England

You make up the rules on both of the games because these games are ever lasting!!

this is the first game that was made. it is a race track with one widgit and you can fall off the edges at any time so i would be carefull because the track isn't very thick but not the thinest. but i would still be carefull on these roads.

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This is the second game i made.

to jump it is F1

to move it is the arrow keys on your keyboard

see if you are the person to be able to jump off the high tower at the beginning and land it with out going off the end of your course. again this is the same as the first game were there is not walls on it so you can just jump off the edge.

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This is game three. There are no rules you just make it up along the way!

these games are expected to be awseme!!!

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