Pre-K Classroom

February Newsletter

Welcome to the Bear (Ms. Anna's) and Bear cub (Ms. Maira’s) class page!

This last month was a blast! We welcomed in a new year, with some cooking projects, new persons of the week, a new fish tank for our fish friends, new slippers, a new families book and even a few science experiments.

In the Classroom

The curriculum this month will focus on friendship around the world, dental hygiene, symmetry in art, Chinese New Year, and phonetic letters: ‘o’, ‘i’, and ‘j’.

Songs to be sung in the classroom this month are:

"This Little Light of Mine"
"Make New Friends"

"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"

Cooking days this month are alternating Thursdays and Fridays. Recipes include traditional dishes from the continent of Asia.

Fridays from now on will be an all day relaxing event where everyone is invited to wear their PAJAMAS! We will be doing cooking and promoting a fun and relaxing atmosphere, with board games and fort building! Don’t miss out.

Valentine's Day Celebration

Please do not send your child to school with individual valentines for every child in the class. We will be distributing a slip of paper with the name of a friend your child is assigned to make a valentine for. There is no limit to the creativity for this project. Attaching candies or chocolates to the card is not necessary, this is meant to be a creative treat meant to promote healthy giving and sharing.

Looking Ahead

Career Days in March - We invite you to come spend a few minutes talking to the kids about the fun stuff you do at work! Please keep an eye out for the sign up coming soon!

We have some exciting ideas for in house field trips coming up this year. Stay in the loop by reading the newsletter in it's entirety so that you do not miss a thing.

Important Dates

Gymnastics: Every Monday - Pre-k Classroom Only

Scholastic Book Orders Due: Friday, February 25th. Online code - NKVR9

Dentist Visit - Tuesday, February 2nd

School Closure: President's Day - Monday, February 15th

Valentine Exchange: Thursday, February 11 - 10:15 - 11:00 am

Person of the Week

Person of the week is coming back and we have compiled a list of random names. Posted at the sign in sign out bulletin is the list of names and instructions for what to bring when your child is person of the week.

Februaury Persons of the Week

Max Feb. 1 - 5

Charlize Feb. 8 - 12

Hector Feb. 15 - 19

Matteo Feb. 22 - 26

Dylan Feb. 29 - March 4


Please be sure to bring in your family page so that we can bind the pages into a classroom book. If you need a page the teachers are happy to help.

Tips for Success at School

  • Please make sure your child has had an appropriate complete breakfast meal before arriving at school. Do not send your child to school with food in hand or in their mouth. We do not have a breakfast program.
  • Please send your child to school with healthy lunch foods in containers that easy for them to open by themselves. They feel so good when they can do it on their own!
  • If your child has long hair or bangs, please have the hair pulled back or with a headband. Long hair gets in children's eyes during work time, while eating and often causes them to not see well.
  • Please remain in the cubby area for drop-off and pick-up. The classroom is set up in a manner that allows the children to have a quiet, peaceful space to focus and concentrate on their work. Please wait to greet your child in the cubby area to avoid disrupting the environment.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping your child's experience be the best it can be!

Slippers Please

Please supply your child with a pair of comfortable close toed, non-skid slippers to wear in the classroom. The children will add a new step to their morning arrival routine by changing out of their outside shoes into their 'classroom slippers'. The slippers will be for indoor use only and they will change into their outside shoes when we get ready to go outside.The slippers will stay at school for the duration of their enrollment at Little Oaks. If you have any questions please let us know.

Get Involved

Sign up to help in the classroom. We could always use your help. Sign up for various activities through out the year: