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March 21st - March 25th

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What We Are Learning This Week

Language Arts: This week,we will be reading Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. We will describe main characters in fiction stories including their traits, feelings and motivations. We will also introduce the articles a, an and the. In spelling this week, we will be studying words with the prefixes un-, re-, pre-, and dis-. Our spelling test will be on Friday, March 25th.

Math: In math we will review how to create bar graphs and pictographs. The students will be expected to create and solve word problems using these graphs. Students will also be working in small groups to work on concepts covered in the third nine weeks before the end of the grading period.

Science: In science we will investigate the effects on an object by increasing and decreasing amounts of light, heat, and sound energy such as how the color of an object appears different in dimmer light or how heat melts butter. Key Words: light, heat, sound, energy


We are in need of a volunteer for Tuesday of this coming week. Shout out to TONIA BREEN, she is volunteering for three days in a week when we return! As a reminder, our lunch is from 11:45-12:15 and your child's teacher totally appreciates you coming to help!



Schoolwide Enrichment Model

To read more about our SEM journey, please check out the SEM newsletter! https://www.smore.com/5gffg

Great Expectations of the Week

Life Principle: Initiative

Quote: "If you are not afraid to face the music, you may someday be the leader of the band." -Author Unknown

Healthy Tip: Playing sports like soccer, softball and tennis are fun ways to exercise with friends.

CISD Run to Fund!

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Pre-K Exploration Fair!

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Open House Photo Booth Fun!

Important Dates

*March 25th - Weather Day, No School

*March 25th - Last Day of the Third Nine Weeks

*April 9th - Pre-K Exploration Fair

*April 10th - Mrs. Trueblood's Birthday!

*April 11th - PTO Meeting

*April 16th - Coppell Ed Foundation Run to Fund! (CMS North)

*April 18th - Austin Night at the Museum 5:00-7:00PM

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