My school year

Allen z

The thing that i mostly enjoyed about the school year

what i enjoyed the most is ijag it is really f####g amazing we do alot of fun things like when we went to the park and played games and also we get to do missing work during class. i learned how to apply at a job and and the interview.

3 things i learned this school year.

1 thing i learned is ive beaten everyone in the push up test in my P.E class.

2 thing i learned is don't swear at a teacher.

3 math is not to bad.

what sports have i been in?

this year i have been in cross country it is the best sport ever. ive been in track it was really awesome. next year i will try to join wrestling.

my next year goals

next year i want to get better grades and not cause problems and get a drivers licence .

my summer plans

i plan on working all summer and spend all the money right way.