Groundhog Gazette

January 2022

From The Desk Of Mrs. Uhlorn

Welcome to the second semester Groundhog Families,

With the new year among us we are looking forward to a fresh beginning. Please know we continue to be committed to our students, their safety, and their learning. We will continue to implement our COVID-19 mitigating measures, specifically, universal masking. The CDC has updated their recommendations for quarantining procedures and we are following those accordingly. Unfortunately we are down a school nurse three-days a week. We continue to have Mrs. Peck, our health technician who is here two-days a week and is able to support us from her other schools. If your child has been exposed to a positive case you will hear from us on our updated guidelines. Again, please be patient as we are navigating the new guidelines.

With that being said, I am linking the new guidelines below for your information. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly and we will do our best to answer them.


All report cards should be coming home with your student on Friday. If you do not receive one, please reach out to your child's teacher directly.


Next year we will be offering tuition free full-day kindergarten for ALL students. At this time we are not sure of how many sections we will be offering. When we have that information we will send it out in an email, along with the registration information.


As previously stated in my November newsletter, social media and video games continues to be impacting our students and their mental health in a negative way. A helpful tool is to help guide conversations you can have with your children. Many games and social media apps students have talked to us about lately are not intended for elementary aged kids. Again, keep this in mind when purchasing video games or allowing your child to access social media. Here is a list of the top six we heard about during the month of December.

1. Call of Duty - 18 years or older

2. Poppy Playtime - 12 years or older

3. Five Nights At Freddy's - 15 years or older

4. Halo - 13 years or older

5. Fortnite - 13 years or older

6. TikTok - 15 years or older

Thank you for always supporting us and what we do at Amity. It takes a village to impact our youth and we couldn't do it without you!

Cheers to 2022.


Valerie Uhlorn