National Youth Administration

Transforming our Nations Youth

What can this Administration do for me?

The National Youth Administration was a portion of the New Deal program, that tended to the issue of unemployed, and gave experience to discouraged youth. According to the recently established charter, this agency will "administer a program of approved projects to provide emergency relief and employment to persons between the ages of 16 and 25."

Can I participate in this program?

This program is only available to persons 16 to 25 years old. There are however two different versions of this program available, the Student Aid program and the Works Project program. The student Aid program will provide grants to students in exchange for work. College and high school students could receive up to $6-$15 a month, graduates earning $20 a month. the Works Project Program will provide on the job training, for people out of school, on federally funded public works projects.

What has this accomplished so far?

How the NYA was established

Eleanor Roosevelt, being the kind hearted liberal that she is, worried that the growing unemployment rate would discourage young people and they would loose hope in democracy. She came up with the idea for the NYA, and encouraged FDR to push her agenda. He hesitated at first, but later would sign an executive order, establishing the NYA as a part of his New Deal. Eleanor takes great pride in this agency, and often takes credit for its success.