My Fable

Luke Schmedding

The Lion and the Fable

A lion cub was off to play with the birds when a vulture came up to him,” Where are you going in such early of the morning?” asked the vulture in a nasty, screechy voice,” To go play with the birds.” Replied the cub, and walked off without looking back at the ugly, old vulture. The next day the cub went to go play with birds again when the vulture came up to him,” I can fly you to the birds.” Said the vulture, “Their only on the other side of that hill.” replied the cub. So the cub went to the birds without looking back at the vulture. The vulture was quite furious with the lion cub for not letting him help the young one. For the next two days the cub went to the birds early in the morning when the vulture came up to him to ask if he needed help, but the cub would refuse every time. The little lion became more trustworthy with the vulture every day he asked. By the tenth day he cub was walking to the birds with his chin up and his teeth sharp, but he couldn’t see the birds anywhere. He looked up and saw that the birds were playing up in the sky. He tried to yell to them that he couldn’t fly but they couldn’t hear him. So the cub just walked away when the vulture came up to him with his mouth watering,” I can fly you up to them if you would like?” asked the vulture. Finally, the cub said yes to the nasty vulture and let him grab him in his sharp talons. But the vulture flew right past the bird and went straight to his nest. The cub screamed for help but no one was near. The next day the vulture ate the little cub for breakfast without hesitation.

Theme: Don't trust strangers

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The Lion Cub

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The Vulture

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