Healthy Relationships


Signs of Healthy Relationship

-You Trust Each Other

-You Talk Personal Thing To Your Partner, Not To Other People

-You Say The Magic Words
“I love you”, “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry.”

-You Argue

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How to have a Healthy Relationship?

Things you must do Independetly!

-Take responsibility for your own happiness

-Make good on your words

-Admit your mistakes

-Be realistic

-Listen to your partner

-Show your affection in whatever way you can

-Be loyal

-Do not ever hide anything from him/her

-Give him/her some space

-Express your feelings towards him/her

-Encourage him/her

-Always make sure to notice your partner and compliment them

-Sweet talking

Things you must do together

-Revive date-night

-Practice forgiveness

-Laugh together

-Support each other

-Devote time to each other

-Develop better communication